nose [nōz]
[ME < OE nosu, akin to Ger nase, orig. a dual, meaning “the two nostrils” < IE base * nas-, nostril > Sans nāsā, the nose, lit., pair of nostrils, L nasus, nose & naris (pl. nares), nostril]
1. the part of the human face between the mouth and the eyes, having two openings and cavities behind them for breathing and smelling
2. the part that corresponds to this in animals; snout, muzzle, etc.
3. the sense of smell
4. the overall smell of a wine; bouquet
5. the power of tracking or perceiving by or as if by scent [a nose for news]
6. anything resembling a nose in shape or position; projecting or foremost part, as a nozzle, spout, prow of a ship, front of an airplane, etc.
7. the nose regarded as a symbol of prying or meddling [to poke one's nose into another's affairs]
8. Slang a police spy or informer
nosed, nosing
1. to discover or perceive by or as if by the sense of smell
2. to touch or rub with the nose
3. to push with the nose: with aside, open, etc.
4. to make or push (a way, etc.) cautiously or slowly with the front forward [the ship nosed its way into the harbor]
1. to smell; sniff
2. to pry inquisitively
3. to move cautiously or slowly with the front end forward
☆ by a nose
1. by the length of the animal's nose in horse racing, etc.
2. by a very small margin
count noses
to count the number of people present, voting, etc.
cut off one's nose to spite one's face
to injure one's own interests, in a fit of anger, resentment, etc.
follow one's nose
to go straight forward
have one's nose out of joint
to be irritated, annoyed, frustrated, etc.
lead by the nose
to dominate completely
look down one's nose at
Informal to be disdainful of
nose out
1. to defeat by a very small margin
2. to discover, as by smelling
nose over
to turn over on its nose: said of an airplane moving on the ground
on the nose Slang
1. that (a specified horse, etc.) will finish first in a race
2. precisely; exactly
pay through the nose
Informal to pay an unreasonable price
put someone's nose out of joint
to irritate, annoy, frustrate, etc.
rub someone's nose in
[from the practice, in housebreaking a pet, of rubbing its nose in its urine or feces] Informal to keep reminding someone of something unpleasant, as a mistake made
turn up one's nose at
to sneer at; scorn
under one's very nose or under one's nose
in plain view

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